Our Story

Hi! My name is Deon and I started Miracle Naturals after struggling with Eczema that spread all over my body. I lost my sense of confidence and self esteem when it spread to my face and eyelids. My skin became excessively dry and it was constantly peeling, dry and irritated. I couldn't use just anything on my skin as it further irritated, burned or dried it out. There were alot of "drug store" brands that did not help at all! So I decided to create my own line!

Below you will see my before/afters after using my skincare line  and testing it out on my skin first! Now I have hydrated glowing skin!!! I hope that this will help you improve your skin as well.
Our Promise: Providing the safest possible natural vegan products to people with sensitive and maturing skin.
  • Eliminate 22 known allergens and toxins from products that can irritate sensitive and maturing skin. We never include: Parabens, sulphates, PEGS, phthalates, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances
  • Provide more testing on products to reduce likelihood of breakout, and we don't test on animals.
  • Create products in small batches with the most natural ingredients backed by science for best effectiveness.