A family owned business. Made for people with sensitive skin and scalp.  Rooted in social change.    Changing lives, 1 Miracle at a time!  

We create problem solving beauty products for people that struggle with sensitive skin and scalp issues. Our products are made with natural ingredients and we remove toxic and unneccessary ingredients so they  will be less likely to disrupt your hormones and cause health problems. We give back to help survivors of trauma and cancer. 

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Our Founder/CEO: Deon G.

After experiencing 2 maternal aunts passing away from cancer and dealing with chronic eczema & hair loss from stress, I knew it was time to start taking better care of myself. 

Strengthening my relationship with God,  I began a quest to incorporate more self-care and healing in my life.  I decided to learn as much as possible about living a more holistic lifestyle and enrolled in courses at the Herbal Academy and became a Licensed Natural Hair Specialist.

I created my first product in my kitchen which helped to calm my stress induced eczema, and it felt like a miracle was happening, which led me to call my business “Miracle Naturals”. I launched Miracle Naturals to give purpose to the pain in my life by creating problem solving natural beauty products without synthetic fragrances that will be less likely to disrupt your hormones and cause health problems, but also provide self-care products for people who need them the most.

I want to help "Change lives, 1 miracle at a time" as I pledge to provide $1 from each web sale to help cancer and domestic violence survivors thrive! My business is my ministry helping me to turn my pain into purpose! Thank you for helping me achieve that goal! - Mrs. Deon Gaither, CEO

From my family to you and yours: Deon Gaither & Family

Deon's Eczema Story

I developed  eczema and hair loss after dealing with stressful traumatic events.  It really impacted my self-esteem as my 90% of my body and scalp was covered with dry skin, sores and I was itchy all the time. Most times my  clothes were covered with dry skin no matter what I did and this made me even more depressed.

On a journey to heal my skin & scalp, I visited a dermatologist and was prescribed topical steriods. I was told that I couldn't use steriods long term because they would make my skin thinner and I could suffer from steriod withdrawal. I tried to use store bought "natural" lotions & skincare from larger commercial companies but it irritated & burned my skin, which made it worse! I also tried to use store bought shampoos but it made my skin sore and itchy due to the fragrances. 

Very much frustrated I decided to make my own natural products to soothe my eczema,  so whipped up a body butter in my kitchen using shea butter and other natural ingredients and it helped to calm and nourish my skin and scalp. It felt like a MIRACLE was happening, hence the reason why I eventually called my company, Miracle Naturals. 

I suddenly realized that the products sitting on store shelves were full of toxic ingredients and I also realized that there were not many truly  "natural beauty" companies tailored to people who looked like me, so I decided to create a diverse skincare/beauty brand that address a wide variety of skin issues. I wanted to create a truly inclusive brand that provides natural ingredients and resolve some our most pressing skin & hair issues. 

Our ingredients.

-Miracle Naturals products are proudly made in the U.S.A.
-We  eliminate 22 known allergens and toxins from products that can irritate sensitive and maturing skin.
-We never include: Parabens, sulphates, PEGS, phthalates, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances.
-Provide more testing on products to reduce likelihood of breakout, and we don't test on animals.
-Create products in small batches with the most natural ingredients backed by science for best effectiveness.

Why Miracle Naturals Products?

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African & Holistic Botanicals 

Our promise is to help people alleviate their most pressing skin concerns using more natural skin loving ingredients. 

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Giving Back

We seek to be a miracle in the lives of others! Giving back is part of our DNA. Every purchase helps to fight human trafficking and domestic violence.

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Cruelty Free

We don't test on animals nor do we work with any vendors that test on animals.

Your skin deserves better!

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